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Sodium Bicarb Reviews

Sodium Bicarbonate

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 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
I use this for all sorts of things from cleaning the house to cleaning my teeth, but best of all is baking - my cakes, pancakes and biscuits rise perfectly, much better than the supermarket brands. Highly recommended
Name: Eric D

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
My family is unfortunately sensitive to many of the chemicals in modern life, and we rely on this product to keep us safe and help us out. We use bicarb soda as a substitute for 3/4 of our laundry powder needs. When one of us gets affected (anything from perfume exposure to mossie bites) a bath with a cup or two of bicarb soda is a life saver. 
Name: Paula R

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
Brilliant product, we have tried many different sources this is by far the best. Thank you.
Name: Barry & Judith E NSW

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
I use this in my natural deodorants i make and it is great !!!
Name: Sonia

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
I love this product so much. I buy the 5kg so I can have baths as well as ingesting for optimal health. It’s so affordable & so fine. I’m very happy I order from Blants. This bicarb is amazing & of the highest grade you can possibly get. My health is better taking Bi carb.
Name: Lisa V

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
I have ordered this and other bulk Blants products and appreciate their availability. I use bicarb for most of my cleaning. It is fabulous for valuable Persian rugs which cannot be steam cleaned. A few drops of essential oil in the bicarb, leave it on the rugs for 30 minutes and vacuum - makes them look and smell fresh like new. 
Name: Suzie D

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
Beautiful High quality product with exceptional service.
Name: Emily D

 Natural Sodium Bicarb
Nothing compares to Blants Bicarbonate of Soda which I have been using for many years. I use it for deoderant, cleaning teeth, cleaning house, and sometimes add to my washing water. I also use for baking and have a friend who bakes cakes for a living. She ONLY uses this bicarb as it never leaves a taste that other brands do. You can see and feel the quality is much more superior than other brands. My son swears by it for heart burn and says it's one of the best health advice he has ever heard.
Name: Kathy H

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
The best quality ever! Thank Blants.
Name: Mariangela S

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
I have been using this product for quite some time now, especially cleaning in the home. It is so much cheaper purchasing through Blants, than buying small packets in the stores. There are so many uses for it.
Name: Marie R

 Natural Sodium Bicarbonate
I use blants bicarbonate soda  throughout my house & save a bundle of $$$. I’m so happy to have reduced (almost eliminated ) the use of harmful chemicals: kitchen - cooking , make my own baking powder, not to mention cleaning utensils,  pots & pans, sink drain (mixed with vinegar) Laundry - instead of fabric softener, I mix with boiling water & it removes all detergent residue from my wash. Cleaning : everything around the house; tiles, removes rust/tea stains from ss door handles , railings etc Teeth: Brush my teeth everyday with bicarb soda, kills germs & whitens - a lot cheaper than toothpaste.
Name: Marie-Claire H


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