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Bulk Orders

Wholesale and Bulk

Wholesale and bulk salts supplied for Float Centres and other business professionals in Australia and world wide. 

Buy bulk Magnesium Sulphate - Natural Epsom Salt from Germany, bulk Gold Label Epsom Salt, bulk Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes, bulk Organic Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), bulk Magnesium Oil, bulk Dead Sea Salt, bulk Organic Bentonite Clay, bulk Pure Organic Sulfur (OptiMSM), bulk Himalayan Pink Salt, bulk Natural Pure Borax, bulk Natural Washing Soda, bulk Natural Soap. Based in Australia & NZ (New Zealand), Blants are importers & exporters, and supplies bulk orders to businesses around the world at wholesale prices. Retail buyers can buy directly from our Shop Online.
For New Zealand residents visit 

We’re sure you would agree Blants prices are hard to beat! We really do want to set a fair and affordable benchmark so more people can enjoy the benefits of our products.
We offer discounts to allied business owners via our B2B (business to business) price list.

Who is an allied B2B customer ?
An allied business is a registered business where Blants products are complementary in the function of their business in a day to day operation. Discounts are awarded on a tiered basis commencing with 20% discount at 1st tier, with even greater rewards for larger orders.

Examples of an allied business are::
  • Start-ups, Micros or Established businesses ordering a minimum of 4 products where our products are integral in the function of their business.
  • Producers of Natural and Organic products.
  • Formulators and Distributors.
  • Float centres or Operator of a Float Pod, Sensory deprivation tank, Isolation tank, Spas or Salt room.
  • Shopfront owners, Buyers groups, or Co-ops, Market stall holders, Pop ups for on selling.
  • Professionals such as Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Dermatologist, Masseuse, Personal Trainers, Fitness club etc.
  • A host of an online business where our products are integral in the function of their business.
Who doesn't qualify as a B2B customer ?
Sorry, whilst we certainly applaud those buying our products for wellbeing, lifestyle and eco-friendly purposes, our B2B prices are not applied to businesses that are not allied. For example - an engineering business who wishes to provide Epsom salts to their staff, or uses Bicarb Soda to clean the premises, or perhaps a cafe who uses our stock for cleaning. This is not regarded as complementary in the function of their business in a day to day operation.
Blants reserve the right to determine if a business is supplied at B2B prices.

If you meet any of the above criteria & have an ABN, and you would like to apply as a wholesale B2B customer, please submit your B2B Wholesale Request Form.
(Please note: Minimum order is any 4 products & those 4 products may be a mix of size & a mix of any products. However, if ordering less than 4 products then please do so via our Shop Online). 

Purchasing a full pallet load attracts the largest discounts. Pallet loads may be a mixture of different products, although there are conditions.

Thank you for choosing Blants for your Bulk buying. You can rest assured you have selected a supplier who will supply a quality product at the very best price.


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We are closed for our Christmas break. You may still purchase if you wish, however, any orders placed between these dates will be dispatched on Mon 13th Jan.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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