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Borax - Boron Reviews

Borax - Boron

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 Borax - Boron
Amazing product put in your washing add to the water you clean upholstery and wowee clean every time.
Name: Christine H

 Borax - Boron
I use this every third bath - not only does it polish my gardeners toes and callouses, its helps get rid of dry dead skin and assists to clear toxins in my body. Great with magnesium  for a very restorative bath.
Name: Sally

 Borax - Boron
Have been using borax to make my own laundry soap. Find Blants products quality above the rest.
Name: Kym M

 Borax - Boron
I love this Borax which I have used for general house cleaning, consumed in very small amounts, and I would like to add a very interesting benefit it had on my fingers which were becoming sore from arthritis. I started using borax to wash my dishes and found after a couple of months of doing this that my fingers were no longer sore. This was many years ago I did this and my fingers are still not sore. I don't use it all the time, I go through periods. I know a lot of people won't like it because it doesn't have suds but never concerned me as you only need to use a bit of elbow grease and while you are at it, you are giving your hands the health benefits if you are suffering from arthritis in the fingers. Whenever I think of borax I think of the benefits to Brain, Bones and Teeth.  Ah yes forgot, sometimes I add a little to my own homemade tooth powder.
Name: Kathy H

 Borax - Boron
I continue to refer my clients and friends to Blants for hard to find products with quality. I use the Borax for laundry and preservation of rare timbre against insects and bore worms.
Name: Dr Shannon P

 Borax - Boron
Amazing I Love It and I will never look back after taking This Natural Mineral I have Dislocated my shoulders particularly my right shoulder due to an accident and has to deal with nerve and back and other types of tissue pains in my arms so for the past 4 years I have had to deal with this being in the asbestos removal industry. and suggested surgery was not going to be able to fix the issues but that has just all changed since I started taking action and moving forward with natural pure borax this has changed my life and I feel like a teenager again.
Name: Mathew C

 Borax - Boron
I have bought from Blants for many years and have never been disappointed in their exceptional quality and customer service. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!
Name: Liz H

 Borax - Boron
This is my favourite Blants product. I buy it in bulk and mostly use in place of laundry powder. I'm highly susceptible to mould and borax works well for those of us with CIRS to keep our textiles clean and mould free. I also therefore have to wash everything at 60 degrees or more. I usually just put the borax in the prewash drawer and place a little bag of soap berries in the drum. And that is all it takes to do the job. It's terrific, simple and cost effective.
Name: Jann F

 Borax - Boron
Fantastic product!  It is helping me with my numerous skin issues/diseases! Just after 1.5 weeks of using it; my skin is amazing!
Name: Angela S

 Borax - Boron
Dickie Knees no more.
Name: Glenn

 Borax - Boron
Excellent product we’ve used for house hold cleaning and in home made washing powder. Also works well as an antifungal in wash or foot scrub. Love that this is pure borax.
Name: Elisa


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