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Bentonite Clay Reviews

Bentonite Clay

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 Bentonite Clay
I made this into a paste and applied to my gum and tooth that were hurting and I had relief in a matter of minutes, can't recommend this product enough.
Name: Judy F

 Bentonite Clay
WOW amazing customer service and definitely the best product I’ve used. I’ve tried other brands, but this is far the best. I’ve never ordered from Blants before but definitely a customer for life !!!!! Customer service very friendly and helpful !!!!
Name: Annalise K

 Bentonite Clay
I love the bentonite clay, it's great as a toothpowder and I've noticed an improvement in the health of my gums. I've recently been adding it to the bath and find that it makes my skin soft and feels really fresh afterwards. I highly recommend it!
Name: Jenny H

 Bentonite Clay
Hi i just started using betonite clay as a mask with vinegar and water im liking it my skin is looking so good love the quality thankyou.
Name: Shirley B

 Bentonite Clay
This beautiful clay is the best to take orally. It does exactly what it says it's suppose to do. I feel so much better using it everyday. And it's actually pretty nice in the bath too. Really soft.
Name: Karishma

 Bentonite Clay
Miracle product!! Can be used in a variety of ways, always has a noticeable difference that is detoxifying and calming. I use it regularly for face masks which has the most amazing calming effect, i have also used it to calm down rashes or reduce the irritation of mosquito bites.
Name: Ailisha W

 Bentonite Clay
I use Bentonite clay for so many things.  I have made toothpaste with it, used it as a facial mask...used on bug bites for myself.  I have also used Bentonite clay as a hoof poultice on my horse.
Name: Carla W

 Bentonite Clay
I cannot rave about this clay enough...I use it on foot soaks, in baths, as a facial mask, even internally!
Name: Natalie S


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